EnviCor’s Liquid Management Solution

Empowering profitability through innovation.

Unlike other “systems,” EnviCor’s Liquid Management Solution (eLMS) monitors, tracks and communicates waste cooking oil activity with unmatched accuracy. Powered by the SmartTank, our eLMS system uses embedded intelligence and two-way wireless communication to give restaurants and recyclers the information, metrics and reports they need to increase revenue and decrease operating expenses – improving profitability.

Maximize assets based on accurate information

Our patented tank uses a pressure transducer coupled with embedded intelligence to provide more precise measurements.

Armed with accurate information, renderers can optimize scheduling and logistics, improve account management and grow their businesses and restaurants can maximize the value of used cooking oil and improve fresh oil management.

eLMS Provides Timely Notifications and 24/7 Access

Our advanced wireless communication sends customized notifications regarding tank activity. The information can be accessed remotely through eLMS, putting business-critical metrics and reports at your fingertips, making it easy to manage multiple units from any location.

Prevent Theft and Protect Waste Oil Revenue

Moving to an indoor SmartTank prevents theft of UCO.

EnviCor’s LMS system increases oil yield and maximizes the value of waste cooking oil. In a pilot study of 30 EnviCor tanks, customer saw recycled oil volumes increase by more than 25 percent.