The in-door UCO Solution

EnviCor’s patented SmartTank is more than a containment vessel; it’s your complete UCO management solution. The SmartTank features embedded intelligence (eLMS), offering unmatched accuracy and real-time UCO input and collection reporting. Through the insights provided by the SmartTank, restaurants and recyclers are able to operate their businesses more effectively and efficiently, cutting costs and driving revenue.

Through a variety of connection options (hyperlink to connections page), the SmartTank limits the need for handling of hot oil, creating a safer working environment for employees and reducing workman compensation claim costs associated with burns, slips and falls. In addition, by replacing messy outdoor UCO bins, the SmartTank also helps create a cleaner environment both inside and outside of the restaurant, positively impacting customer perceptions of your restaurant.

Construction & Features

  • Patented seamless rotationally molded high-density polyethylene tank
  • Controls package using microprocessor based embedded intelligence and cellular communications
  • Continuous level measurement including alerts/overflow protection
  • Compatible with multiple applications including hard piped to fryers or filter machines, caddy systems and wands
  • Modular design makes customization, service and scalability easy and efficient
  • Pressure transducer for greater accuracy
  • Indicator lights for power, pump running, high level and high temperature
  • 8 ½” integrally molded feet provide stability and clearance for cleaning
  • Turnkey installation and service by our technicians or network of certified installers
  • Ninety-day warranty on parts and labor and six month warranty on all parts and components


  • Protect employees from burns, slips and falls with safer oil transfer
  • Improve cleanliness and back door security by replacing messy outdoor bins
  • Accurate data to inform operations and better manage fresh oil
  • Track oil usage and receive alerts through the EnviCor Liquid Management Solution (eLMS)